Climate Camp Site Taken at Blackheath, Greenwich

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(For Thursday 27th Breaking News see IMC London's new timeline)

Wednesday 26th August saw hundreds of Climate activists converge on Blackheath in Greenwich for the set up of the 2009 London Climate Camp. Groups gathered at locations across the city for midday, awaiting instructions to be sent by SMS which led them in stages towards the site. The starting locations were specifically chosen to highight ecological or social issues which Climate Camp seeks to draw attention to. There were groups at the head offices of oil corporations BP and Shell, at the headquarters of mining company Rio Tinto, at the site of the 2012 Olympics and at the sites of the deaths of Jean Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson. Each swoop group had speeches which explained the relevance of the sites and how they linked in with the ethos of the camp.

By 2pm Indymedia had reported the site was taken and the process of assembling the marquees, tents, tripods and perimeter fences for the camp began - the advance team were soon joined by the converging swoopers (pics). By 4pm, with over a thousand people now on site the camp had its first meeting which looked at the significance of the site's location in Blackheath, which has a history of association with protests in England, notably during the peasants revolt of 1381 (See Press Release)

The Northern Indymedia "Be The Media" centre is now up and running in the Yorkshire Neighbourhood Marquee for campers to come and publish their news, and the neighbourhood has been designated a non mainstream-media zone by consensus.

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07556 251 105 : This is the dispatch number for this years Climate Camp for calling in to leave a short audio recording that can be uploaded to the Indymedia websites. Full coverage of the camp will be found on the IMC London site - ( - and IMC Northern England will be providing facilities for campers to upload their news from the site. Come find us in the Yorkshire Neighbourhood marquee to find out more.

Indymedia Reporting Telephone Numbers + Mobile Support for DIY Climate Camp London reporting

Help report what’s happening by sending your reports from the streets/fields – your reports will be used to update the Indymedia websites covering the camp.

There are three Indymedia reporting numbers (starting Wed 26th August):

07556 251 105 : For calling in reports from events – remember the ‘who what when where why’

08444 872 207 : For calling in to leave a short audio recording that can be uploaded to the Indymedia websites.

07529 573 199 : For sending txt msg updates and MMS picture messages.

If you do send pictures or audio messages, do not forget to include the location and time.
Think beforehand about the report you are going to call in or send, and try to be as accurate as possible.


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Climate Camp Site Taken at Blackheath, Greenwich
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All the IMC's around the country are sharing resources so that we can be most effective as a group which includes sharing features, equipment, dispatch phones etc so they're cool with that.

We signed it off as IMC Northern so we could add to/edit it as we like as a group (one of the fantastic new features of our site). Unfortunately, it's been so manic down here putting up marquees, feeding the hordes and getting a usable internet suite that we haven't yet had time.

If anyone's down here and would like to add something to the feature, come see us in the Yorkshire marquee on any day of the camp.