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Today tens of thousands marched in protest at the tory party conference in manchester. A feeder march from the university started around 12.30pm after speeches setting out the reasons for the occupation of albert square and future dates for mobilising resistance to the cuts and the con-dem coalition. It joined the main protest which noisily snaked its way around the tory party conference centre. There was a huge amount of anger expressed by marchers with many saying they were inspired by events in other countries and were preparing to support the block the bridge action in london on 9th october, the education demos on 9th nov and the strikes on 30th Nov.     

With Unite supporting the Block the bridge demo in london maybe we are getting closer to the point where the trade unions really do put their money where their mouth is as they repeat the call for civil disobedience alongside industrial action.

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Manchester Mule report

30,000 march against Conservatives in Manchester

Around 30,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Manchester today to protest against the Conservative Party Conference. The demonstration, named ‘Manchester for the Alternative’, was organised by the Trades Union Congress and the Right to Work campaign, drew in unionists and anti-cuts protestors from around the UK, with some coming from as far away as the West Country and Wales.

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