Newcastle March & Demo Against Sanofi-Aventis

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Newcastle Animal Rights Group in support with Vegi North East, SHAC Birmingham, SHAC Leeds, Hull Animal Rights along with numerous other animal rights groups and residents of Newcastle marched against vivisection today [9th October] in the city centre of Newcastle before proceeding to demonstrate against Sanofi Aventis.

Activists met at Newcastle Civic Centre for 12 pm and then set off at 12.45pm armed With banners and placards, megaphones and loud voices we made a visual and noisy march on Northumberland Street walking slowly, activists gained a lot of public support and cheers. The image was clear, the message was clear, NO TO ANIMAL CRUELTY, NO TO HLS!

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As the rally marched on, we arrived at Grey's Monument and the march seemed to have gained even more momentum with the clear message of NO TO VIVISECTION and chants of HLS - CLOSE THEM DOWN!

The protesters continued to rally at the monument and in a highly public place hundreds of members of the public gathered close-by to form a large crowd to listen to why we were there and hear about what goes on inside Huntingdon Life Sciences. The police then charged into the rally and without warning violently arrested one protester for section 5 of the public order act, physically smashing him before carrying him off by the scruff.

Police resorted to the arrest of another protester in an attempt to control the crowds, however as the activist was put in the van the mood became even more angry and more determined, protesters were being physically moved away from the van and then went back to the monument and held the rally there for around an hour longer. The rally was greatly supported, protesters were pleased with the good public response.


The protesters traveled to the site and those who went by train were even followed by members of the British Transport Police! Someone's a bit paranoid we think? So we headed for Sanofi, angrier and more determined than ever. A few protesters managed to slip pass the officers with the court orders without being served so were not applicable to the order, heading further towards the factory. While others stood in the designated protest area and performed the best demonstration seen there in years!

Protesters, with banners and visual placards, chanted and used megaphones to alert people to what the company was guilty of - supporting and funding vivisection inside HLS. We then went on to rally outside Sanofi-Aventis gates for a further 3 hours and during which loud naming and shaming of Sanofi and chanting against the company continued.

Newcastle Animal Rights would like to thank those who came to the march and protest. More information will follow when we receive it.


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