UK Coal in the Pont Valley

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There has been good news for the campaigners against UK Coal. The Pont Valley Network and Durham County Council have successfully prevented UK Coal mining half a million tonnes of coal from Bradley when UK Coal appealed the decision made against them last year. 

For articles about the original planning application last year see [1] and [2] for background and [3] for the councils decision. UK Coal have been unsuccessful with attempts to overturn the councils decision see [4], [5]


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The inspectors report was published on Thursday 23rd February which rejects the appeal, by UK Coal. Durham County Council unanimously rejected the application a year ago. The appeal took three weeks and ended in November last year. There were excellent contributions from the council's speakers and a large number of people from the local community.

The news came just before the Dirty Coal Infotour organised by people resisting coal developments in Scotland.