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Bike projects hoping to change the World



A gathering of radical bike projects happen in Bristol over the weekend 5/6 Nov.  The gathering brought together ~20 people involved in spaces which in some way link politics and bicycles together.  The last gathering was in Manchester.

SRCL Campaign Kicks Off


- Edmund Burk

Occupy Bradford on the edge


The occupation of Bradford faces the threat of eviction. Solidarity is called for as celebrations of a week of occupation begin...

Wharf Chambers Licence Misery


On Monday the 10th of October Wharf Chambers, a new workers co-operative based in Leeds, had its entertainment license hearing. The result of the hearing has now been made public. 

The three councillors granted the not-for-profit space a license on the grounds that they closed at 11pm, had two registered door staff and full CCTV throughout the building (full conditions are available by seaching …

Dale Farm Audio Report

The Dale Farm eviction was the first large time that a large group of settled and traveling people worked together to resist an eviction.  At a talk in the Space Project on Wednesday the 2nd in Leeds some of the settled people who went to support give an account of their time at Dale Farm.  There was then a phone interview with Pearl who is one of the Irish Travelers at Dale Farm. 

15th Oct. impressions on how to improve democracy

Compilation of the answers and proposals about the current democratic and financial system provided by the participants to the Leeds Street Assembly for Global Change on the 15th of October.

Sleepout against anti-squatting laws


Around 20 people slept outside the BBC on Oxford Road, Manchester last night to oppose new legislation that would criminalise squatting. An amendment to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill which will be read in the House of Commons today, Tuesday 1 November, will make it a criminal rather than civil offence to trespass in an empty residential property.

Campaigners also visi…

JNF & Nick Hurd

Orwellian "Minister for for Civil Society", Nick Hurd, has defended the JNF Charitible Trust, denying their funding of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

new contact details

hi... west yorkshire sabs have been busy in the countryside every week since mid August. We have had some great weeks and some not so great one but so far no kills so very sucessful! Our email has changed to

we are always keen to hear from new people who would like to join us or anyone who can put gigs on to raise us some much needed cash to keep the landrover on the road.


Ryanair ejected by Manchester students


Ryanair had to cancel a marketing event at the University of Manchester Students Union earlier this week after students dismantled their promotional stall in protest against the company's record on the environment and workers' rights.

Occupy Bradford


Early this afternoon a couple of dozen activists began to set up an occupation in Bradford in front of the town hall.

OK Cafe opens again in Manchester


Manchester's OKasional cafe has returned. The temporary squatted social centre project has occupied a disused old people's home in Fallowfield, South Manchester. For three weeks the space will provide vegan lunch, dinner, workshops, events, gigs, parties, a library and more.

Epicenter of a coming movement

In Vienna, one day before the global day of action 15th of October, people started occupying a huge building. It has been opened as a social center named Epizentrum, for the neighborhood and the whole city, and it is right now in a humming process of being built up.

Pedallers' Arms Opens


After a long six months absence the Pedallers' Arms re-opened its doors on Monday.  The aim of the project is to empower people to repair their own bicycles and, towards this goal, in the new space there are 5 workstations each with a set of tools.  There will be sessions every week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-8pm, each session will have a minimum of two mechanics to offer help if needed a…

Men Against Patriarchy, Hebden Bridge

On Friday October 21st, 7pm: An open meeting to explore the possibility of setting up a regular “Men Against Patriarchy” group. At Nutclough Housing Co-op, Nutclough, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HA.

Pylons and Nuclear Propaganda


This morning's BBC NW Politics Show discussed the impact of Pylons from proposed new nuclear build at Sellafield on the countryside .  This is a bit like discussing the impact of new buttons on the toxic emperor's coat. No doubt the great and the good in Cumbria who have been eerily silent on nuclear developments will vigorously campaign for pylons to go underground - this of course assumes that n…

Riseup Rebel Radio: October the 4th session.

Radio for the great unwashed!


Tory Conference Disrupted

A Fringe Event at the Conservative Party Conference was disrupted today by a two hunt saboteurs (one protesting, one filming)



Tory Conference Protest in Manchester


Unions organised a rally of 35,000 protesters against government budget cuts on Sunday in Manchester.

Occupy Manchester + Education Bloc Tory Demo Pics


Today tens of thousands marched in protest at the tory party conference in manchester. A feeder march from the university started around 12.30pm after speeches setting out the reasons for the occupation of albert square and future dates for mobilising resistance to the cuts and the con-dem coalition. It joined the main protest which noisily snaked its way around the tory party conference centre. T…

Cry Freedom in an Autumn of Discontent !


With the exception of the incarcerated, the August Riots are possibly fading in to memory, however the far reaching implications of those momentous days, will regrettably continue to reverberate in the months to come, as the full brunt and lunacy of Tory Cuts comes into force.

Community United to Save the Irton Tree



The local community has been protesting against the destruction of an 80+ year old Beech Tree in Irton, North Yorkshire for several years.

Irton is a village which has a strong community spirit. Residents and outsiders have come together to show their opposition to a North Yorkshire Council decision which goes against common sense.

One visitor to the village stated “ I went prepared …

Tories in Mancs, Agenda Timetable

The Tories are coming to Manchester, here is the Agenda of the Conference

Camp Frack - Pics & Vid


Pictures and video of Camp Frack, 6-19 Sept, Hesketh Bank, Lancashire.

Protesters in U.S.Occupy Wall Street

For six days now protesters have encamped around Wall Street to raise their voice in opposition to the greedy wealthy. Activists in New York are saying no to stock traders and corporations! So far there have been some arrests, some of them violent. Activists are only getting more determined in the face of the efforts of the New York Police Department to break up the protest.

Riseup Rebel Radio 1

This is the first broadcast; second broadcast is soon

Fracking Demo: Frack Off Cuadrilla


Anti-fracking protesters congregate outside the press conference in Blackpool held by Cuadrilla Resources as they announce the results of their drilling for shale gas tests in Lancashire, holding a massive Frack Off banner and chanting abuse at the company through a megaphone...


Siteworker, Unite & Bernard McAulay

Unite union officials have attacked construction workers for their opposition to a national 35% pay cut.

More info on the dispute:

The following email was leaked:

URGENT: Fracking Demo Imperial Hotel Blackpool Wed


URGENT: Fracking company Cuadrilla Resources will announce the findings from some of its Lancashire test sites tomorrow (Weds 21 September) at 11am at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. Local people are organising a demonstration outside the hotel at 11am – get there if you can.

World Week for the Abolition of Meat: 23-30 Sept 2


The idea is to claim loud and clear that it is not only the duty of each individual to stop supporting the murderous exploitation required by the consumption of animal flesh and "by-products", but that it is also, therefore, the duty of societies as a whole to declare themselves for the banning of farming, fishing and hunting.