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Leeds police impose illegal curfew powers


West Yorkshire Police have been granted new powers including a dispersal order which discriminates against the young and threatens summary eviction for council tenants.

URGENT APPEAL - Sab Van Stolen!! Donate Now!!


The Sheffield & Doncaster Hunt Saboteurs van was stolen this morning

Children Of War


America, the country I live in, is a great nation and despite the flaws characterizing all great nations throughout history we try and hold hope our leaders try to do what's right (most of the time). No matter our political differences and beliefs most of us are loyal to and have faith in our country. Where there are issues, it's not that we wish to give up on the good old US. In fact it's jus…

Urgent Update - Dale Farm needs your support

Dale Farm eviction imminent - go down to show support.



Time10 September · 11:00 - 14:00LocationFoot of the Mound (by Princes Street), EdinburghForEdinburgh Anti-Fascist AllianceMore infoThis Saturday the racist thugs of the 'Scottish Defence League' are planning to demonstrate in Edinburgh.

Join the counter-protest!

ASS needs you!

The Advisory Service for Squatters releases its first newsletter... and wants your help!

The fox cub hunting and sabbing begins

Fox hunters begin to train their young hounds to kill by hunting fox cubs

Guide to Public Order Situations updated

The Guide has been updated following recent events

Protest against Circus using animals - all needed

Following the publicity about Bobby Roberts Circus having a live elephant as part of its act (no longer) this has attracted three circuses to come from overseas and tour in the UK for the first time. Yorkshire will see the Polish State Circus which will include two elephants, three lions, many horses and a tiger. Dates are so far agreed as August 14 to Sept 9th at 15 Bridge St Otley West Yorkshire…

But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way



The desire for change is not easily swept aside – that counts for the peoples in every country in the world and my country, America, no less. I write this from the perspective of an American. Cheap sparkly stuff cannot permanently assuage a deep down hunger for a freer life and a more liberated path. When a nation selects a new way forward those that opted for change are not easily dissuade…

New animal circus tours coming to UK

Following the publicity about Bobby Roberts Circus having a live elephant as part of its act (no longer) this has attracted three circuses to come from overseas and tour in the UK for the first time.  Yorkshire will see the Polish State Circus which will include two elephants, three lions, many horses and a tiger.  Dates are so far agreed as August 14 to Sept 9th at 15 Bridge St Otley West Yorkshi…

Britain needs more watchdogs!

Nonprofit network is being developed with a focus on local news from locally-based independent reporters and citizen journalists.

West Yorkshire Hollaback! Launched


A new website has been launched for those who have been harrassed in the street to share their stories, feelings and information about their experiences. The site is called West Yorkshire Hollaback! and is now live, featuring a map of location of incidents described on the website.

You can contribute a story by going to the site and clicking on 'share your story', you can also upload pictures of t…

Buy A Patch - Support Sheffield Sabs!


Fancy an anti-hunt patch?

A Riot Laugh With The EDL!

The EDL stumble embarassingly on. oh lordy!

Manchester Riots - 9th August


Greater Manchester Police arrested 113 people overnight on Tuesday 9th August

as thousands of youths ransacked shops, attacked officers and torched cars in the city centre.


MOX Maneuverings


Create Dependency, Withdraw , Watch them Plead for More...

The way in which the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority coldly announced the closure of MOX - without discussion - was calculated to prompt pleas for new nuclear developments.  Sure enough Jamie Reed MP and other nuclear shills are calling for MOX 2 (!) along with new build and deep disposal.


Frack Off! 500 ft high Banner Drop Off Blackpool


Early Saturday morning anti-fracking [1] campaigners climbed 500 feet to hang two banners [2] from the iconic Blackpool Tower raising awareness about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas spreading to the UK. The two climbers was were later arrested by police when they descended, but not before having their lives risked by Blackpool Tower workers who attacked them with a pressure washe…

Redbricks Radio Jingle

Hey there - A couple of bits of info. One did you know you could publish Audio clips on the Northern Indymedia site?

And another - we did a jingle for the Manchester based redbricks radio. Here it is!

A Pox on Mox - Closure of the Sellafield Mox Plant


Rather hypocritically given the taxpayer £millions being spent on nuclear spin and bribery in Cumbria, the NDA said: "[We have] concluded that in order to ensure that the UK taxpayer does not carry a future financial burden from [Sellafield Mox plant] that the only reasonable course of action is to close [Sellafield Mox plant] at the earliest practical opportunity."



We agree - not…

EDL Latest Fiascos!

EDL stumble from crisis to crisis! Read All Abaht It!

White Power Band Playing Snooty Fox Wakefield

This band are playing the Snooty Fox in wakefield on the 27th august under the name bisson and the vikings, swedish white power band.

EDL & Norway

It's been a busy week for the EDL following the Norway massacre.

Racial cleansing in Bradford


A rather shameful comments section from local Bradfordians who neither seem to understand nor care for anything other than the fact that it's happening in their back yard

Now About That “Mistake”



Lately war has been a hot topic. There have been the events of the Arab Spring and all the activity there. There has been the locating and subsequent killing of Osama Bin Laden, negotiations between our government and the Taliban and the ramifications those things have for Afghanistan and the promise made to track down the person most responsible and then leave. There has also been exaspera…

Looking after Gledhow Valley Woods


Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods had an action day today. Volunteers worked on a variety of tasks to conserve and maintain this area of woodland in Leeds.

Gledhow Valley Woods is a small area of woodland nestled between areas of dense housing. To the South is Harehills, West is Chapeltown, North is Chapel Allerton and East is Oakwood. Residents of these areas anjoy the shared amenity of the woodla… now available!


With the recent spate of resignations from senior Metropolitan police figures and News International employees, we decided to make it easier for others to jump before they are pushed. Introducing - the automatic resignation letter generator! hacked by LulzSec!


The website of Everyones least favourite daily tabloid, The Sun, has been hacked by LulzSec and redirected to their twitter account giving updates as it unfolds. As this article is being written, the news international website has also gone down.


EDL Splinter Group No-Show At Memorial Event

A memorial event organised by the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK passed off without incident after the plans of an EDL splinter-group to disrupt the event were posted on Facebook.

Dodgy Hacking


Imagine if the dead victims of the nasty phone hacking scandal had more than their phones hacked without consent. Hacked hearts, lungs, teeth?  Outrageous and alarmist drivel?   Not really - this has happened and no-one has been prosecuted.