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Bradford MayDay 2011


In Bradford May Day also marks the Birthday of the 1in12 club, a locally run self-organised space, which has been active for 30 years. The Mayday celebrations were arranged, in an organisational sprint lasting only a few weeks, by volunteers from the 1in12 club, Raise The Roof (a staging and facilities enterprise which grew out of Bradford Festival), Bradford Playhouse, Bradford People’s Coal…

Pictures May Day Bradford Urban Park 2011


Pictures May Day Bradford Urban Park 2011

Wedding of Mass Distraction


Anti-royal wedding party in Newcastle city centre as millions are spent on Royal wedding while billions are cut to jobs benefits and services.

Manchester May-Day Protest


Protesters against public spending cuts joined the traditional May Day rally in Manchester.

Manchester Sikh Festival


Colour, celebration and worship were the order of the day as the Sikh community took part in the annual Nagar Kirtan procession through the streets of Manchester on Sunday 1st of May 2011.

Leeds PSC at Leeds Mayday Demo 2011


MAYDAY LEEDS MARCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE was called by the TUC on Saturday the 30th April 2011.

Anarchist Bloc on Newcastle May Day March


There was a highly visible and lively Anarchist Bloc on the Tyne and Wear TUC May Day March in Newcastle on Saturday 30th April.  Elsewhere on the march, interesting banners and placards were present from a wide range of groups.

Mancester April Critical Mass


Friday's Critical Mass in Manchester was short but sweet.  Around fifty cyclists set of from the library at 6:30 with bells and smiles.  They then cycled round the city for an hour and but soon ended up joining the street party in Hulme.

Week of Action Against Atos: Call for Support

Disability activists and benefit claimant's groups are calling for protests and actions around the country targetting Atos Origin in the week beginning on 9th May.

Previous days of action against benefit cuts have seen protests, pickets and occupations of Atos Origin across the UK including London, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dundee and many more.

Big changes are coming to Indymedia UK


On 1st May 2011 Indymedia UK will give birth to two new projects. The Indymedia UK website will be archived, it will stay where it is now, but you won’t be able to publish news. In its place there will be two distinct projects: Mayday will provide a non-regional site with open publishing and Be The Media will present the best of radical news across the regions, including Bristol, Northern, No…

EDL support NF rally n Newcasstle

The National Front held its annual St George's Day rally in Newcastle on the 23rd of April. The English Defence League showed up to join their friends, but anti-cuts and anti-fascists did not let them take control of the City Centre.

2 anti-cuts activists convicted on police evidence


Setback for anti-cuts movement as Mark and Patrick found Guilty on Police Evidence! Financial Appeal to support Right to Protest!

After a two day trial on the 28th and 29th of March 2011, Mark and Patrick were found guilty, and heavy fines totaling £760 were imposed.


March against cuts to English lessons for speakers


On Thursday 24th March Tyneside Community Action Against Racism led a march in Newcastle against cuts to English lessons for speakers of other languages (ESOL).

Notts, Sheff & W Yorkshire Sabs Sept-March Report


Another busy season...

The Cuts in Manchester: Fighting Back

Manchester Coalition Against Cuts held a rally of organisations fighting local spending cuts at Central Hall in the Northern Quarter on 11th April. Coalition members were prominent in the attempt to stop Manchester City Council's budget meeting in March. They did not quite succeed, but that setback has not ended the campaign; quite the opposite.

Chorlton Green Festival

Chorlton1-thumb Chorlton held its third green festival last Saturday at St Clements Church.

HSBC3 Defence Campaign

The HSBC 3 Defence Campaign was set up last December to defend three activists arrested on the 18th December at a protest against tax avoidance, on a UKUncut national day of action. The protest was lively but peaceful, and occupied many relevant shops and businesses supporting the cuts - including Mark's and Spencer, Boots, and Vodaphone. The three activists were targeted by the police to end the …

Accusations against the global sex industry


I want to give my support to the accusations against the global sex industry. Indeed I observe from my place in the work against sexist violence that the sex industry is guilty of overwhelming overpowering that is dominating our government, our community and our selves. To see it, we must observe NOT JUST INDIVIDUAL ACTS of sexual exploitation and INDIVIDUAL JOHNS BUT ALSO A GLOBAL SEX INDUSTR…

Windscale-Never Again? Chernobyl-Never Again? F..


Opportunity for Cumbrians to Mark Chernobyl Day

and instead of saying Never Again?  say Never Again!


Democracy Nuked in Cumbria (again)


Allerdale Democratic Services have quashed Councillor Joe Sandwith's motion to withdraw the borough council's "expression of interest" in geological disposal of high level nuclear wastes.


Urgent! Oppose Welsh Streets demolition


The 7 year campaign to save the Welsh Streets in Liverpool 8 is again fighting a demolition order. Petitions online and offline, plus letters of objection to Liverpool City Council must be submitted by 13th April. For the first time the Welsh Streets Homes Group has a campaign website and also a twitter account, and support is spreading rapidly.

One's visit to Liverpool

Today one visited FACT in Wood Street to learn about Linux

delocalized actions no g8

if someone want to something, let's do it!!!

West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs - Its our birthday!

Sab News.

PC Mark Kennedy Century Films Documentary

PC Mark Kennedy is making a Documentary with century films they have contacted a number of activists accross the North

Insurrection in Liverpool


Catalyst media are presenting their second blend of radical art and politics from 31st March to 12th April, under the title 'Insurrection In Liverpool'. It takes place upstairs in Gallery 2 in the FACT building on Wood Street. This is nothing like a mainstream presentation, which would show art and culture as something to be passively viewed and maybe turned into a saleable commodity. This showcas…

Download!! Dissident Island Radio April Fools 2011

Dissident Island Radio EP. 79: download!!!



"North Wales Against Cuts, Bangor" marched though the

city centre today, Saturday April 2nd, to protest against the government's cuts to

public services.

Leeds "Free City Bus" Ceases To Be Free


People in the city of Leeds have had to face another in a long series of service cuts today. The "Free City Bus" that used to transport all-comers around the city centre has begun to refuse rides to people without eligible tickets or money.

Black Block - Mindless Yobs?


During the TUC march on Saturday a 600 strong black block marched through London with militant efficiency.  The took out banks, multi-nationals and other symbols of capitalism.  They all wanted different things but were united in their desire to make the capitalists pay.  See the London Indymedia article on the events.  See videos [1] [2] [3] [roundup]