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Tory Conference Disrupted

A Fringe Event at the Conservative Party Conference was disrupted today by a two hunt saboteurs (one protesting, one filming)



Tory Conference Protest in Manchester


Unions organised a rally of 35,000 protesters against government budget cuts on Sunday in Manchester.

Occupy Manchester + Education Bloc Tory Demo Pics


Today tens of thousands marched in protest at the tory party conference in manchester. A feeder march from the university started around 12.30pm after speeches setting out the reasons for the occupation of albert square and future dates for mobilising resistance to the cuts and the con-dem coalition. It joined the main protest which noisily snaked its way around the tory party conference centre. T…

Cry Freedom in an Autumn of Discontent !


With the exception of the incarcerated, the August Riots are possibly fading in to memory, however the far reaching implications of those momentous days, will regrettably continue to reverberate in the months to come, as the full brunt and lunacy of Tory Cuts comes into force.

Community United to Save the Irton Tree



The local community has been protesting against the destruction of an 80+ year old Beech Tree in Irton, North Yorkshire for several years.

Irton is a village which has a strong community spirit. Residents and outsiders have come together to show their opposition to a North Yorkshire Council decision which goes against common sense.

One visitor to the village stated “ I went prepared …

Tories in Mancs, Agenda Timetable

The Tories are coming to Manchester, here is the Agenda of the Conference

Camp Frack - Pics & Vid


Pictures and video of Camp Frack, 6-19 Sept, Hesketh Bank, Lancashire.

Protesters in U.S.Occupy Wall Street

For six days now protesters have encamped around Wall Street to raise their voice in opposition to the greedy wealthy. Activists in New York are saying no to stock traders and corporations! So far there have been some arrests, some of them violent. Activists are only getting more determined in the face of the efforts of the New York Police Department to break up the protest.

Riseup Rebel Radio 1

This is the first broadcast; second broadcast is soon

Fracking Demo: Frack Off Cuadrilla


Anti-fracking protesters congregate outside the press conference in Blackpool held by Cuadrilla Resources as they announce the results of their drilling for shale gas tests in Lancashire, holding a massive Frack Off banner and chanting abuse at the company through a megaphone...


Siteworker, Unite & Bernard McAulay

Unite union officials have attacked construction workers for their opposition to a national 35% pay cut.

More info on the dispute:

The following email was leaked:

URGENT: Fracking Demo Imperial Hotel Blackpool Wed


URGENT: Fracking company Cuadrilla Resources will announce the findings from some of its Lancashire test sites tomorrow (Weds 21 September) at 11am at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. Local people are organising a demonstration outside the hotel at 11am – get there if you can.

World Week for the Abolition of Meat: 23-30 Sept 2


The idea is to claim loud and clear that it is not only the duty of each individual to stop supporting the murderous exploitation required by the consumption of animal flesh and "by-products", but that it is also, therefore, the duty of societies as a whole to declare themselves for the banning of farming, fishing and hunting.

New Workers Co-op and Cafe


The Common Place is dead, long live Wharf Chambers.  Out of the ashes of the Common Place a new workers collective has been set up and on Friday there was a fundraiser for the vegan/vegitarian cafe that will run out of the building.  With regular opening still a few weeks away Friday was a chance to see some of the hard work that has been put into the space. 

Camp Frack Update


The tents are up, the sun is shining, the porridge is hot!

Solidarity Call For Gerze Community-Turkey


Solidarity Call for Gerze Community in Turkey, who successfully defended its land against the power plant company and the state violence

Oldham NHS Campaign

Oldham trades council held a public meeting on Friday 9th September to discuss how to campaign against cuts to the NHS budget and against the (so-called) Health Reform Bill. Since Oldham is a political desert, with almost no political activity going on outside of general elections, this was a significant event in itself. 

Leeds police impose illegal curfew powers


West Yorkshire Police have been granted new powers including a dispersal order which discriminates against the young and threatens summary eviction for council tenants.

URGENT APPEAL - Sab Van Stolen!! Donate Now!!


The Sheffield & Doncaster Hunt Saboteurs van was stolen this morning

Children Of War


America, the country I live in, is a great nation and despite the flaws characterizing all great nations throughout history we try and hold hope our leaders try to do what's right (most of the time). No matter our political differences and beliefs most of us are loyal to and have faith in our country. Where there are issues, it's not that we wish to give up on the good old US. In fact it's jus…

Urgent Update - Dale Farm needs your support

Dale Farm eviction imminent - go down to show support.



Time10 September · 11:00 - 14:00LocationFoot of the Mound (by Princes Street), EdinburghForEdinburgh Anti-Fascist AllianceMore infoThis Saturday the racist thugs of the 'Scottish Defence League' are planning to demonstrate in Edinburgh.

Join the counter-protest!

ASS needs you!

The Advisory Service for Squatters releases its first newsletter... and wants your help!

The fox cub hunting and sabbing begins

Fox hunters begin to train their young hounds to kill by hunting fox cubs

Guide to Public Order Situations updated

The Guide has been updated following recent events

Protest against Circus using animals - all needed

Following the publicity about Bobby Roberts Circus having a live elephant as part of its act (no longer) this has attracted three circuses to come from overseas and tour in the UK for the first time. Yorkshire will see the Polish State Circus which will include two elephants, three lions, many horses and a tiger. Dates are so far agreed as August 14 to Sept 9th at 15 Bridge St Otley West Yorkshire…

But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way



The desire for change is not easily swept aside – that counts for the peoples in every country in the world and my country, America, no less. I write this from the perspective of an American. Cheap sparkly stuff cannot permanently assuage a deep down hunger for a freer life and a more liberated path. When a nation selects a new way forward those that opted for change are not easily dissuade…

New animal circus tours coming to UK

Following the publicity about Bobby Roberts Circus having a live elephant as part of its act (no longer) this has attracted three circuses to come from overseas and tour in the UK for the first time.  Yorkshire will see the Polish State Circus which will include two elephants, three lions, many horses and a tiger.  Dates are so far agreed as August 14 to Sept 9th at 15 Bridge St Otley West Yorkshi…

Britain needs more watchdogs!

Nonprofit network is being developed with a focus on local news from locally-based independent reporters and citizen journalists.

West Yorkshire Hollaback! Launched


A new website has been launched for those who have been harrassed in the street to share their stories, feelings and information about their experiences. The site is called West Yorkshire Hollaback! and is now live, featuring a map of location of incidents described on the website.

You can contribute a story by going to the site and clicking on 'share your story', you can also upload pictures of t…