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“Geology Seminar” is a Government PR Stunt



The most persuasive PR stunts are dressed up in suits and paid for by the unwitting taxpayer.  Last Monday's "geology seminar" at Whitehaven was a brilliant example of nasty spin from a government who wants new nuke plants and needs to be seen to have 'solved' the nuclear waste problem.  


Hands off Richard O’Dwyer!


 Late last month a Sheffield Hallam University student, Richard O’Dwyer, was arrested as the alleged founder of the media streaming website TVShack. It emerged earlier this week that he is now facing extradition to the US for criminal copyright infringement.

Unwelcome Socialist Party plea for more funds !!

Copy of Letter sent to Socialist Party leadership following a plea for members to increase their subs



Around 100 members of Spanish, Greek, English and other European citizens living in Manchester, demonstrated in the city today as part of a Europe wide series of protests.

J30: Building up for the next “big one”?


Analysis by a Sheffield activist of the upcoming "J30" mobilisations and what we can hope to expect as well as general observations of the state of the anti-cuts movement. June 30th has been widely promoted as the next “date” in the escalation of resistance to the government’s continuing austerity measures. As cuts are beginning to bite across the country June 30th will see first efforts at …

Abolition of Meat: Closing release May 2011 WWAM


release of the week for the abolition of meat 21-28 may 2011

U.S. Companies?


     (This piece  is written from my perspective - that of an American.) Right now the U.S. military (the military of my home country) is spread out all over the globe.  There is no doubt Americans support their troops that point is never questioned and when when i msay theirs I means ours as I am an American also.  But why our military leaders insist we be spread ourselves out all over the map is…

Facebook hides Yorks Naked Bike Ride page


Facebook doesn't like naked cyclists and has hidden the World Naked Bike Ride due to happen in York on the 4th of June.  Facebook have a habit of removing political content and the Naked (or clothes-optional) bike ride is no exception.

'Funk the Cuts' street party in Leeds city centre


'Funk the Cuts' targets scores of high street banks and flagship stores in Leeds

Inspired by UK Uncut, a new group calling themselves 'Funk the Cuts' have set up in opposition to the government cuts currently being implemented. This Saturday saw the groups first day of protests as 40 people gathered outside the Corn Exchange in Leeds City Centre at 11.30am. From there they went on to highligh…

EDL Shotton Protest !


English Defence League protested in a North Wales town today, Sat, May 21st.

Calling All Squatters! - Old and New


Got any positive, funny or random stories from your squatting experiences?

Yorkshire Zapatistas - Viva Mexico Event


The Yorkshire Zapatistas held another successful event in Bradford raising awareness about Zapatista Struggle in Mexico.

Zapatista coffee, crafts and copies of the film 'Viva Mexico!' are available at the Treehouse Shop, 2 Ashgrove, Bradford, BD7 1BN (opposit the Uni sports centre)

Picket against Atos, against privatising benefits!


LEEDS - 12 May 2011. As part of a national Week of Action Against Atos Origin, pickets were held today in front of Atos's headquarters in Leeds. This is part of a growing campaign to raise awareness about the privatisation of the benefit system, in particular the role that Atos is playing to kick disabled people off of benefits - an assault that has already led to several claimants dying waiting f…

Leeds trip to the Rossport Solidarity Camp

Account of a visit to the Rossport Solidarity Camp in Ireland by six campaigners from Leeds

Food Sovereignty Tour + Agroecology Short Course i


You are invited to participate in a study tour to study food sovereignty, social movements and social change in Venezuela, July 10 to 22. The tour will examine issues of land reform, urbanization issues, rural development and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context.

World Week for the Abolition of Meat - May 2011 Ca

Our societies have to pronounce on the unjustifiable character of meat consumption from an ethical viewpoint: it involves sacrificing the basic interests of innumerable sentient beings whereas eating meat is unnecessary. The idea is to claim loud and clear that it is not only the duty of each individual to stop supporting the murderous exploitation required by the consumption of animal flesh and "…

Women Up North 2011


On Saturday 7th May women travelled from across the north of England to meet up in Manchester for a day long feminist event including workshops, entertainment and making new friends.

The event took place in the city centre kicking off with Manchester Feminist Network welcoming everyone to the event. There was a great relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and lots of women saying how much they had enj…

Round up of Northern May Days 2011


There has been another successful series of events surrounding May day, the traditional workers' holiday. The day has also been used by anti-capitalist protesters to come together and try to stop the violent form of capitalism in which we live [1]. In the North of England it was more relaxed this year, with marches in Newcastle [2], Leeds [3] on Saturday and Manchester [4]  on Sunday and a festiva…

Bradford MayDay 2011


In Bradford May Day also marks the Birthday of the 1in12 club, a locally run self-organised space, which has been active for 30 years. The Mayday celebrations were arranged, in an organisational sprint lasting only a few weeks, by volunteers from the 1in12 club, Raise The Roof (a staging and facilities enterprise which grew out of Bradford Festival), Bradford Playhouse, Bradford People’s Coal…

Pictures May Day Bradford Urban Park 2011


Pictures May Day Bradford Urban Park 2011

Wedding of Mass Distraction


Anti-royal wedding party in Newcastle city centre as millions are spent on Royal wedding while billions are cut to jobs benefits and services.

Manchester May-Day Protest


Protesters against public spending cuts joined the traditional May Day rally in Manchester.

Manchester Sikh Festival


Colour, celebration and worship were the order of the day as the Sikh community took part in the annual Nagar Kirtan procession through the streets of Manchester on Sunday 1st of May 2011.

Leeds PSC at Leeds Mayday Demo 2011


MAYDAY LEEDS MARCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE was called by the TUC on Saturday the 30th April 2011.

Anarchist Bloc on Newcastle May Day March


There was a highly visible and lively Anarchist Bloc on the Tyne and Wear TUC May Day March in Newcastle on Saturday 30th April.  Elsewhere on the march, interesting banners and placards were present from a wide range of groups.

Mancester April Critical Mass


Friday's Critical Mass in Manchester was short but sweet.  Around fifty cyclists set of from the library at 6:30 with bells and smiles.  They then cycled round the city for an hour and but soon ended up joining the street party in Hulme.

Week of Action Against Atos: Call for Support

Disability activists and benefit claimant's groups are calling for protests and actions around the country targetting Atos Origin in the week beginning on 9th May.

Previous days of action against benefit cuts have seen protests, pickets and occupations of Atos Origin across the UK including London, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dundee and many more.

Big changes are coming to Indymedia UK


On 1st May 2011 Indymedia UK will give birth to two new projects. The Indymedia UK website will be archived, it will stay where it is now, but you won’t be able to publish news. In its place there will be two distinct projects: Mayday will provide a non-regional site with open publishing and Be The Media will present the best of radical news across the regions, including Bristol, Northern, No…

EDL support NF rally n Newcasstle

The National Front held its annual St George's Day rally in Newcastle on the 23rd of April. The English Defence League showed up to join their friends, but anti-cuts and anti-fascists did not let them take control of the City Centre.

2 anti-cuts activists convicted on police evidence


Setback for anti-cuts movement as Mark and Patrick found Guilty on Police Evidence! Financial Appeal to support Right to Protest!

After a two day trial on the 28th and 29th of March 2011, Mark and Patrick were found guilty, and heavy fines totaling £760 were imposed.