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Sabotage the Machines!

Activists entered the Cutacre coal mine in the early hours of a June morning, & sabotaged 7 monster-trucks, used to transport coal around the site.

Leeds AF Report on the Antifascist Meeting

Leeds AF have published a report on their Antifascist Coalition Meeting on their website:

Radio Interference First Ever Show


Saturday 25th June 2010 saw the pilot broadcast of the brand new online radio station: Radio Interference!

A collaboration between the 1in12 Club and the Northern Indymedia Collective and broadcast from our secret location deep in the heart of Cleckhuddersfax the show is now available to download from the Northern Indymedia website.

Our next show will be broadcast on Friday 23rd July from 8pm on…

Critical Mass is coming to wor toon


Critical Mass starting in Newcastle upon Tyne

Transition Hebden Radio, part 2 of 3: Consumption

On 30th May 2010, Hebden Bridge launched as a Transition Town.

Manchester's Gaza Flotilla Demonstration


With anger still rising over Israel's murder of Flotilla activists a regional

demonstration was called in Manchester today, Sunday 13th June 2010.

Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Aid Ships - Protest


On Monday 31st May 2010, as a flotilla of ships carrying aid supplies sailed towards Palestine, Israeli troops boarded them, whilst in International waters, and attacked those on board.

People all around the world reacted to the attacks, and many protests were held in the north of England.

Reports of protests in; Bradford - 1st June (with audio) - 5th June (with audio) - Video | Newcastle (artic…

Transition Hebden Radio, part 1 of 3: Trees

On 30th May 2010, Hebden Bridge launched as a Transition Town.

Newcastle Gaza Demo Report

Grey's Monument Protest in Newcastle Against the Criminal Israeli Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flottilla

Bradford Demo in Support of Gaza Aid Flotilla

On Tuesday 1st June around 100 people gathered at the Cenotaph in Bradford in solidarity with the ships travelling to Palestine loaded with aid which have been attacked by Israeli armed forces.

Bradford Solidarity Demonstration

Today, 31st may 2010, a group of around 20 pro palestinian demonstrators held a peaceful solidarity vigil on the steps of the town hall in centenary square, Bradford.

Shotton opencast coal mine sabotaged

Machines sabotaged at Banks Group's Shotton opencast coal mine near Cramlington.

We opposed EDL in Newcastle. We held the Toon

Report of anti-racist activity in response to EDL march in Newcastle 29th May 2010, from North East Against Racism.

We showed them racism would not go unchallenged! EDL confined to Bigg Market. Anti-racists the dominant presence in toon.

Jak Codd censorship: anti-semitic? You decide.

Leeds Student produce a newspaper based at Leeds University Union (LUU).  Issue 17 had a quote about from Sameh Habeeb about Jewish influence on the media and the LUU communication officer Jak Codd recalled the entire issue as he claimed the quote "There certainly are pro-Israel.  I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media" is anti-semitic. This is not the first time LUU has acted in …

Leeds University Bans Facebook Criticism


The University of Leeds just released a new code of practice on social networking sites, which "must not be used as a platform for airing dissatisfaction or criticism of the University."<!--EndFragment-->

Break in at the 1in12

In the early hours of this morning (Tuesday 11th May 2010), there was a break in at the 1in12 club, Bradford in which windows were smashed, equipment broken and a sizeable amount of petty cash stolen. A large amount of the money taken was that which had been raised by the jukebox and football table as a donation from the club for Tia Greyhound Rescue, Hebden Bridge.

BNP Fail In Morley But Gain Ultra-Youth Vote


With the votes of the people who chose to engage with the electoral system rolling in, and the inevitable clouds looming on the horizon, here is my perspective on being in a polling booth for the very first time: assisting my employer to exercise her right of choice to vote. On one hand a strange experience for myself as an anarchist, and on the other a sobering reflection of the problems we have …

Ledston Open-Cast: Public Inquiry details

Leeds City Council has announced the details of the Public Inquiry following the appeal by Banks Developments against the council's decision to refuse Banks's planning application.

Police in Kirklees on a rampage

A hard look at how the police force in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, are failing the working class, while pursuing a fanatical campaign against foreign workers in the area.

Newcastle Unites! - Successful anti-racist event


A day-long anti-racist event was held at Grey's monument in Newcastle upon Tyne on Friday 23rd April.  The event both entertained the crowd, and passed on an effective anti-racist/anti-fascist message.

Greyhound death demo greets Dara


York protest after fatal injury to comic's dog at track

Bradford Anarchist Bookfair 2010 Report


Housing possibly the largest anarchist library in the country, the 1in12 club is the perfect venue to kick off the bookfair season[1]. With a huge variety of stall holders and visitors to the bookfair coming from as far as Ireland especially for the fair, it was a great place to meet new friends and find something new to read.

Peat Bog Extraction halted in Greater Manchester


work halted on a huge peat bog site being destroyed needlessly for profit, at the cost of our future

West Yorkshire Chiapas Solidarity Group

Tonight the West Yorkshire Chiapas Solidarity Group met at the Treehouse Cafe to discuss how to take action to support the Zapatista struggle.

Mainshill Coal Site sabotaged

In the early hours of the 12th April 2010 machinery at Mainshill open cast site was sabotaged. Two Caterpillar D9T's and a 170 tonne face scrapping earth mover, an O&K RH90, were targeted, both will be inoperable today, and will cost Scottish Coal greatly.

Coal extracted from the mine at Mainshill is to be used as fuel for the controversial Drax Power Station, site of the very first Camp for Clim…

Nottingham, Sheffield & Leeds Sabs January – March


Another busy few months of sabbing

Jammy action helps put the lid on traffic jams


Members of York's Jammed held a jam packed flash mob at a traffic hotspot in York on March 27th. The jam themed action drew attention from crowds of passersby and car drivers as dressed as waitresses, chefs and 1950s housewives we offered jam sandwiches and jam tarts as an alternative to traffic jams.

HMIP reports an unannounced visit to Yarl's Wood

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons have today (24.3.2010) issued a report summarising the findings of an unannounced inspection of the Yarl's Wood Immigrant Detention and Removal Centre last year.

Many people in the North of England have acted in solidarity with women who are on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood, protesting at the conditions of their detention.

SARSVL Launch Event - Report (with Audio)

Seven Arts centre in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, saw the launch of the new Rape Crisis service for the district on the 17th March.

Women's Peace Camp Event Report (plus Audio)

On Tuesday 9th March the Feminist Archive North held an event for International Women's Day on women's peace camps.

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