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Star Tech Tools For Activists

Tech Tools for activists is a 32 page booklet produced by members of the HacktionLab collective. It has been designed for activists who are not techies. Contents Browsing the Internet securely Organising online Securing your email Publishing your news Uploading media to the Internet Hiding stuff on your computer And more ... How to get hold of it There's a few di...


Star Guide To Public Order Situations

With the police getting ever twitchier in these days of austerity, and even resorting now to kettling children on the city streets, here is a guide that is essential reading for all those planning to stand up and say no to the man.


Star Green Guide To Leeds Ver. 4

This booklet has been designed and written by students at Leeds University. Through it we hope to help you to understand the impacts that our day-to-day lives are having on the planet, and we offer some possible solutions to the problems we are contributing to. The guide is also a one-stop reference to many aspects of life in Leeds. You can find out how to get involved and meet loads of people...


Star Issue 5 Of The Sausage Factory: Written By Friends

This edition contains articles written by friends of Really Open University. The first article tells of a typical day in a lecturer’s life, negotiating between teaching, researching and bureaucratic commitments. The second article explores an ongoing struggle in Royal Park over a long vacant primary school and the local bid to transform it into a new community centre. http://re...

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